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Philippine Justice is designed to help you with your legal information needs not only to lawyers, judges, law students but to the laypersons as well. Click the area topics for the latest legal news, case law, and analytical articles relevant to your practice and legal information needs. Philippine Justice also allows you to search for a case or research an attorney.

  Resources by Area Topics:
Political Law
Political Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Election Law, Law on Public Officers, Public Corporation, Public International Law
Labor Law
Labor Standards, Labor Relations
Civil Law
Persons & Family Relations, Property, Intellectual Property Law, Land Titles & Deeds, Wills & Successions, Obligations & Contract, Sales, Partnership, Agency, Credit Transactions, Torts & Damages, Conflicts of Law
Taxation Law
General Principles of Taxation, Tax Remedies, Court of Tax Appeals, Customs & Tariff Laws, Real Property Taxation, Local Taxation, Tax on Income
Commercial Law
Negotiable Instruments Law, Transportation Law, Corporation Law, Insurance Law
Criminal Law
Criminal Law (Book I), Criminal Law (Book II), Special Criminal Law
Remedial Law
Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Special Proceedings, Evidence
Legal Ethics
Legal Ethics, Judicial Ethics, Canons of Professional Ethics
Philippine Criminal Justice System
Republic Act No. 6975, Republic Act No. 8551
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